Botanical Name: Atriplex hymenelytra
 Common Name: Desert Holly
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  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type

Shrub, Perennial


Height Range



Flower Color


Flower Season


Leaf Color



Bark Color



Fruit Color



Fruit Season

Winter, Spring





Very Low, Low, Extra in Summer


Growth Rate



Soil Type

Sandy, Loam, Rocky


Soil Condition

Average, Well-drained


Soil pH

Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors

Design Styles


Accenting Features

Multi-trunk Tree, Unusual Shape


Seasonal Interest

Winter, Spring


Location Uses

Perennial Border, Parking Strip, Walkways, With Rocks


Special Uses


Attracts Wildlife

Information by: George Hull MSN

Photographer: Mountain States Nursery

  • Description

  • Notes

Southern Calif to Arizona native in gravelly washes and alkaline flats below 2500'. To 3' x 3'. Silvery holly like leaves. Needs good drainage. Very attractive for cut foliage. Evergreen. Do not overwater and will live on available rainfall when est Striking looking. Would look great with silvery Agaves. With age this can take on a purplish cast. Flowers are inconspicuous Feb-April. Erect low growing shrub. Males & Females.
Upper 20sF hymen=membrane lytra=lyre