Botanical Name: Agave parryii
 Common Name: Parry's Agave
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  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type



Height Range



Flower Color

Red, Yellow


Flower Season


Leaf Color

Blue Green, Grey


Bark Color


Fruit Color



Fruit Season



Full, Half



Very Low, Low


Growth Rate



Soil Type

Sandy, Clay, Loam, Rocky, Unparticular


Soil Condition

Average, Poor, Well-drained


Soil pH

Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors


Design Styles

Ranch, Spanish


Accenting Features

Specimen, Unusual Foliage, Unusual Shape


Seasonal Interest


Location Uses

Entry, Parking Strip, Parking Lot, Raised Planter, With Rocks


Special Uses

Container, Filler, Mass Planting, Naturalizing, Small Spaces


Attracts Wildlife

Information by: George Hull MSN


  • Description

  • Notes

Agave has compact rosette form and grows slowly to about 2' x 2'. Leaves are grey-green, wedge-shaped and leave distictive impressions on the upper leaves as they grow. Particularly decorative. After several years will send up a flower stalk with bright yellow flowers in the summer. Like all agaves it will die after flowering. Very cold hardy. Accepts full sun. Native to Arizona and Chihuahuan Desert.
Frost tolerant to 15 F. Also try Agave macroacantha and Agave neomexicana.